About Us

Ramsgate Family Care Home is a family-owned assisted living facility targeted to the elderly who need a new and loving home, or who need assistance, care and supervision 24/7.  We are licensed in the state of North Carolina to care for up to four residents. Our home is located in 3676 Guess Road, Durham, North Carolina 27705.

Ramsgate Family Care Home is a growing family care home, with the intent to grow in size to care for up to twelve residents. We are a third generation family of caregivers who first started in the 1960's.  In 1972 we were one of the first black families to be given a loan by the bank to build a 29-bed family owned assisted living facility for the elderly.  Ramsgate Family Care Home is owned and operated by the third generation of caregivers whose primary purpose is to continue the care-giving legacy of our ancestors. Unlike other care home facilities, Ramsgate Family Care Home offers more than the usual.  Aside from comfort, safety and security, we also provide our guests and residents with a bit of luxury, as showcased in our tastefully decorated home, lavish furniture and fixtures.

We are a private-pay facility, and we pride ourselves in rendering exceptional services in a small and quaint family-like environment.  Our services here at Ramsgate Family Care Home are offered twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week by competent, highly trained, and compassionate care staff, who will make sure you feel most at home and cared for at all times.

Ramsgate Family Care Home is owned and operated by Barbara Copeland, a third generation care-giver for the elderly.  You can contact us at (919) 477-6051 or (919) 477-6717 or cell phone number (919) 360-1300.