Reasons Why We Care

Ramsgate Family Care Home is proud of its rich history and heritage.  Ramsgate Family Care Home is owned by a third generation family of caregivers.  We are very proud of having served the community for over 40 years.  Rosa and Guy Ellison, of Ellison's Rest Home, are the first generation of caregivers.  Rosa and Guy Ellison began in a family care home in 1962, a home of six residents who lived with the family of Rosa and Guy Ellison.  My grandparents owned and operated a family care home for twenty years and in 1972, borrowed $117,000.00 to build a 29 bed facility which today still operates.  As third generation today, I endeavor to carry on the proud family legacy of caregiving. We continue to show that pride through the quality of service that we deliver, as well as the quality and the ambiance of our facility.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission has been to ensure a good quality of life for all of our residents. Principles of Service and adhering to Strong Values are what we strive for at Ramsgate Family Care Home. Ramsgates' founder, Barbara A. Copeland, developed their resident -centered philosophy -of-care based on the belief of her grandparents, that everyone should be afforded a good quality of life in their senior years. Those beliefs are the foundations of the Principles of Service and serve as Core Values that guide the focus of caregiving for our residents. All of our employees are encouraged and guided by these same principles. The Principles of Service are hinged on the fact that we believe the residents' comfort matters. Thus, attention to good quality care, good health, and spiritual wellbeing are the hallmarks to Principles of Service at Ramsgate Family Care Home.

Ramsgate Family Care Home does more than the usual when it comes to the care of the residents. As third generation family of caregivers, we at Ramsgate Family Care Home value our family's tradition of providing care, emotional support, and assistance to our residents guaranteeing a safe, pleasant and elegant stay in our home.

Why Us?

Not only do we offer a family environment, we also boast a small client-to-staff ratio, which allows our team to provide personalized care and individual attention to all of our residents. Medical professionals agree that when seniors begin to experience a decline in health, seniors can achieve a high level of satisfaction in residential settings and family environments as oppose to living out their years in institutionalized settings. At Ramsgate Family Care Home, we are dedicated to maintaining or improving the residents' health and wellbeing through care, supervision and social activities designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.