Comforts of Home

At Ramsgate Family Care Home you will enjoy all of the comforts of home.  Home cooked meals, the smell of fresh cut flowers from our lush garden and two small lap dogs that love a welcoming pat on the head - all of these are featured in the comforts of home.  Our family Care Home is designed to look and feel just like home, and yet there are more of these special touches that you'll find here at Ramsgate.

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Welcome to Ramsgate Family Care Home

Ramsgate Family Care Home is the ideal solution for seniors who value their independence, who are free-spirited and who may need a little help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and medications reminders.  As we focus on preserving ones' dignity, nurturing the spirit and celebrating individuality, we also offer an individualized care plan for each resident.  We meet with each resident and family member before they move in and at regular intervals thereafter to determine the needed care and service for that resident.  Our team is comprised of the Administrator, Barbara A.  Copeland, a registered nurse (RN), a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Healthcare Coordinator and Case Managers.  We work together to create an individualized plan that is regularly monitored.  The Care Plan often does include help with personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and clothes selection, showering and bathing, socialization and medication management.  We think this is a different and more preferable option to chose or consider when a senior does not require intensive 24 hour a day care like that which is required in a nursing facility, a higher level of care.  Additionally, our programs are designed around what you find joy in doing.  There is always something exciting to do! Whether you prefer going on a group outing to a museum, going on an outing to the mall, an ice cream social with other fellow residents, or just going to the coffee shop to read a book and have a cup of coffee, we help you live the life you want and that's the exciting part.  Our commitment to making everyday special is what makes living at Ramsgate a unique experience.  Not only do we offer a nurturing environment, we also offer ongoing support to residents and their families.

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We are licensed in the State of North Carolina, and can care for up to four residents.  Our highly-skilled and capable are available at your beck and call all day and all night.  They are compassionate, values driven and diligent individuals carefully chosen to provide you non-stop care and assistance.

Please explore our website at your leisure.  Learn more about Ramsgate Family Care Home by browsing through our About Us page.